Want to be a cop? Then you have to give the right answers at your police oral board and interview.  That is where Chief Reilly can help you.

  • In less than 3 hours time you will:
    • View over 30 information-packed police oral board video modules
    • Learn how to answer a wide variety of police oral board questions
    • See Chief Reilly demonstrate police oral board answers

This course is hosted by Vimeo.com, which means you can reliably and repeatedly stream these videos 24/7, on any device, while enrolled.

Module contents and run times:

Module 1: Introduction (Trailer) 03:30
Module 2: Winning the Mental Game 07:45
Module 3: Addressing Nervousness 06:41
Module 4: Rating Dimensions 07:16
Module 5: Looking the Part 05:58
Module 6: The Halo Effect 05:30
Module 7: Powerful Body Language 06:34
Module 8: Choosing The Right Words 07:44
Module 9: “You” Focused Questions 08:15
Module 10: Summary Sentence 04:58
Module 11: Oral Resume Demonstration 03:21
Module 12: Memory Map 04:21
Module 13: Why Do You Want To Be A Police Officer? 03:53
Module 14: Strengths and Weaknesses 05:41
Module 15: Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years? 03:45
Module 16: Why Should We Choose You Over Others? 04:00
Module 17: Law Enforcement Questions 02:49
Module 18: Position Knowledge 04:22
Module 19: Predicting Topics 02:47
Module 20: Researching Topics 03:14
Module 21: Community Policing Questions 08:45
Module 22: Situational Questions 09:14
Module 23: Ethical Questions 09:06
Module 24: Know Your New Employer 01:41
Module 25: Know the Community 05:42
Module 26: Know The Agency 04:17
Module 27: Know The Chief 04:59
Module 28: Why Do You Want To Work Here? 03:00
Module 29: Closing Statement 02:31
Module 30: Interviews With Chiefs and Commissions 04:41
Summary 01:26
Module 31: Mock Oral Board #1 02:28
Module 32: Mock Oral Board #2 01:58
Module 33: Mock Oral Board #3 02:13

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